Hearing Examiner

About the Hearing Examiner

Cities and counties in Washington State have statutory authority to establish a hearing examiner system. Under a hearing examiner system, a city or county hires or contracts with a hearing examiner to conduct quasi-judicial hearings, usually in place of local bodies such as the planning commission, the board of adjustment, the board of county commissioners, or the city council.

The basic purpose of having a hearing examiner conduct these hearings is to have a professionally trained individual, typically an attorney, make objective quasi-judicial decisions that are supported by an adequate record and that are free from political influences. Using a hearing examiner system allows local legislative and advisory bodies that might otherwise conduct these hearings to better concentrate on policymaking. It can also potentially reduce local government liability exposure through what should be more consistent and legally sustainable quasi-judicial decisions.

The City of Pasco has established a hearing examiner system through Pasco Municipal Code 2.50, and other ordinances.

The Hearing Examiner duties include: 

  • Variances, review of administrative actions, waiver of violations, extension on use of borders of zoning districts and administrative exceptions;
  • Appeals of administrative decisions;
  • SEPA appeals;
  • Vehicle impounds;
  • Appeals of decisions of the Poundmaster and Business license revocations, appeals and reinstatement.


  • Second Wednesday of the month (when needed)
  • 6:00 pm
  • City Hall, Council Chambers
    First Floor
    525 N.Third Avenue
    Pasco, WA 99301
    • Note: To enter City Hall for a meeting, please use the doors on the east side (parking lot side) of the building.

Hearing Packets and Determinations

Hearing packets and determinations of the Hearing Examiner are available online via this link.

Hearing Video

Hearing Examiner meetings are available to watch live via PSC-TV Channel 191 on Charter Cable in Pasco, or online via streaming video. Previous meetings are available online via Pasco City Television On-Demand.

More Information

Contact the Community & Economic Development Department at (509) 545-3441 for more information on the Hearing Examiner. 

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    Physical Address
    City Hall
    525 N. 3rd Avenue
    Pasco, WA 99301

    Phone: (509) 545-3441
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