City Council 2016-2017 Goals

Every 2 years, the City Council establishes specific goals designed to guide the work of the City. Following 3 community forums, community surveys, and ongoing formal and informal input from the public and governmental partners, the Council held a goal-setting retreat in March 2016. The goals which grew out of the retreat were adopted by the Council on May 2, 2016. The goals are: 

Promote a high-quality of life through quality programs, services and appropriate investment and re-investment in community infrastructure by:
  • Use of CDBG and other public and private capital to re-revitalize older neighborhoods
  • Acquisition of an adequate site for new community center, community park and additional soccer fields
  • Coordination with the Pasco Public Facilities District on investigation of the feasibility of constructing/maintaining an aquatic/community recreation facility
  • Completion of site designation process and interlocal agreements on construction and operation of new animal control facility
  • Efficient and effective use of public resources in the delivery of municipal services, programs and long-term maintenance and viability of public facilities
Evaluate the long-term financial viability, value and service levels of services and programs, including:
  • Importance to community
  • Cost of recovery targets
  • Evaluation of costs associated with delivery including staffing, facilities and partnership opportunities
Preserve past improvements and promote future gains by:
  • Enhancing proactive community policing efforts
  • Continued efforts to improve police/community relations
  • Working to maintain/achieve target fire response times
  • Focus on a long-term goal of improving the Washington State Ratings Bureau community rating to Class 4
  • Efforts to realize full implementation of a consolidated PSAP/dispatch center
Promote a highly-functional transportation network through:
  • Completion of the Lewis Street Overpass design concept process, securing gap funding for construction and achievement and maintenance of “shovel-ready” status
  • Completion of Road 68/I-182 Interchange improvements
  • Efforts to facilitate traffic flow in major corridors
  • Pro-active traffic management (calming) within neighborhoods
  • Completion of planned improvements on Oregon Avenue
  • Collaboration with Ben-Franklin Transit to enhance mobility
  • Comprehensive planning, analysis and execution on pedestrian, bicycle and other non-vehicular means of transportation
Promote and encourage economic vitality by supporting:
  • Downtown revitalization efforts of DPDA
  • Implementation of downtown infrastructure improvements including; Peanuts Park, Farmers Market, Pasco Specialty Kitchen and streetscape upgrades
  • Completion of the Broadmoor sub-area plan and environmental analysis, including plans for needed utilities and transportation improvements
  • Efforts to promote the community as a desirable place for commercial and industrial development – strengthening existing partnerships and coordinating efforts
  • Continuation of DNR (Department of Natural Resources) efforts to sell/develop state property at Road 68/I-182
  • Identification of alternatives for City/Port of Pasco coordination on waterfront plan implementation 
Identify opportunities to enhance community identity, cohesion and image through:
  • Community surveying
  • Providing opportunities for community engagement through boards, commissions, volunteer opportunities, social media, forums and other outlets
  • Coordinated messaging
  • Identification and celebration of successes
  • Implementation of a community identity/image enhancement campaign
For more information about the Council's goals, contact the City Manager's Office at (509) 545-3404.