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Welcome to the page for the City of Pasco Office of Public Defense. The City of Pasco contracts with experienced private attorneys to provide indigent defendants. Also, the City contracts with experienced Private Investigators and Interpreters to assist in the defense of the criminal charges.

The following is a current list of our contract attorneys, private investigators, and Interpreters:

Defense Attorneys

Private Investigator

Our Mission

To provide quality, cost-effective, legal representation to indigent and other qualified persons charged with criminal offenses, or otherwise facing incarceration or loss of liberty interest, so as to protect their Constitutional and other legal rights, and educate them about the criminal justice system. The City of Pasco Office of Public Defense will always be mindful of the fact that the resources that enable it to advance its Mission are entrusted to it by the taxpayers of City of Pasco, and as such it will constantly strive to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of this service.

Very Truly Yours,

Raymond Hui
Indigent Defense Contract Administrator
[email protected]
(509) 302-3001

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Accepting Applications for Public Defense Attorneys

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