Transportation System Master Plan (TSMP)

For years, Pasco has been among the fastest growing cities in Washington. Between 2020 and 2040, Pasco will accommodate almost 45,000 additional residents, with an expected total population that will exceed 120,000 people. To address the rapidly growing transportation concerns, the City initiated its first Transportation System Master Plan (TSMP), which began in the fall of 2019.

The TSMP is a key resource for implementing transportation system improvements that address current deficiencies and that serve expected local and regional growth. Because this is the first comprehensive transportation planning effort conducted citywide, additional efforts will be required to carry out the vision of the plan.

On August 1st, 2022, the Pasco City Council passed Resolution No. 4220 adopting the Transportation System Master Plan.

Transportation System Master Plan (TSMP)



The City of Pasco’s future transportation system is a safe and balanced multimodal transportation system which equitably serves pedestrians, bicyclists, transit, freight, and drivers. Pasco’s residents should have access to livable neighborhoods through established planning practices which prioritize system connectivity and multimodal street design, including a network of parks, trails, and bikeways which connect all residents to the Columbia River.

Pasco’s transportation system also supports regional economic activities, including access to Pasco’s freight facilities for regional agriculture and other industries, and supports regional, multimodal transportation connections in Pasco.

Plan Development

The Pasco TSMP documents the operational and safety performance of the City’s existing and future transportation system and provides strategies that will support growth in and around the community through the year 2040. The plan supplements the transportation element in Pasco’s 2018-2038 Comprehensive Plan to further envision Pasco’s transportation future.


This transportation system master plan lays out a multimodal transportation system to better serve built parts of the community and provides a framework for growth in undeveloped areas. In addition to the specific capital improvement projects for walking, bicycling, and driving, this plan identifies a more robust street design concept for arterial and collector roadways to better serve all travel modes. The plan also includes a priority network for quality bicycle routes, and safety enhancements for mid-block crossings on arterial roadways.


This approach recognizes that the layout and design of the local transportation system is foundational to neighborhood livability. It better serves the full spectrum of community travel needs which can vary over time based on household size, income, age, physical abilities, and personal preferences.


For more information, please contact the Pasco Planning Department: [email protected]


The TMSP was supported by DKS Associates and the Angelo Planning Group.