City of Pasco Comprehensive Plan

Pasco-Comprehensive-Plan---Final-EIS*The Pasco City Council approved Ordinance No 4537 on June 7, 2021 adopting the 2018-2038 Comprehensive Plan. **

The City of Pasco Comprehensive Plan is a statement of goals and policies that outlines the community’s vision for the future. The Plan guides city decisions on how to address rapid population growth and housing, land-use, transportation, natural and built environment, economic opportunities and where to make capital investments aimed at improving our community’s quality of life.

In 2018, the City began a major update to its Comprehensive Plan, which had was last updated in 2008. The Washington State Growth Management Act requires cities to keep their plans up to date at least annually. Pasco’s next major plan update is due June 2026. 

How the Pasco Comprehensive Plan is Organized

The Plan is organized into separate volumes. 

Volume 1 features a set of Goals and Policies intended to align with the Plan Goals required by the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA). 

Volume 2 includes the supporting analysis on each plan element, including implementation. Each Volume are posted below for your review and download. 

The GMA requires cities to adopt a Future Land Use Map, showing the land-use allocations for the Pasco Urban Growth Area. The 2018-2038 Future Land Use Map can be viewed below:

The Comprehensive Plan incorporates policy documents and plans adopted by the Pasco City Council, including:

Supporting Documents

  1. Community & Economic Dev. Planning

  2. Jacob Gonzalez

    Community & Economic Development Director