Current Park Projects

Map of Paso with the locations of current park projects stared

*GESA Stadium Batting Cages

(Note: This project is Under Construction with an Estimated Completion by end of 2020)

GESA Batting Cages-Site Plan Capture
GESA Batting Cages - Progress

Over the last couple of years GESA Stadium has received some upgrades to help improve both the fan and player experience. Changes completed in 2019 included the replacement of all the existing stadium seats as well as replacing some of the 1st base side bleacher benches with additional stadium seats. The 2019 updates also included the replacement of the field lights with new LED lights. The update taking place this summer is the replacement and upgrading of the batting cages. The new batting cages will be a lattice roofed structure that will include two full batting lanes to meet current MLB specifications. The project will also create new access paths including an ADA access path from the bleachers down to the batting cages and field level, setting the stage for future planned improvements.

The batting cage project was designed by Design West Architects and is being constructed by AllStar Construction Group, LLC. The Landscaping and cement work are complete. The cage itself will next be installed. 

*Park at Chapel Hill

Coming Soon Chapel Hill Park

Neighborhood Park on Chapel Hill Blvd

Neighborhood parks are 3 to 5 acre parks that primarily service the residents of the neighborhood(s) immediately surrounding the park. A neighborhood park is currently in design which will serve the neighborhoods just east of Rd 68 and South of Freeway 182. The 5 acre plot for this park is located on the North side of Chapel Hill Blvd approximately at the intersection of Saratoga Lane and Chapel Hill Blvd. The design of the park took into consideration feedback received by residents via a survey and initial community meeting. The Park design specifies a walking path with benches, an open playfield area, two picnic shelters, play structures for both 2.5-5 years and 5-12 years, swings, two 1/2 court basketball courts, a small community garden, a landscaped amphitheater area, and a good mix of trees and bushes throughout the site. 

  • The design has reached completion.
  • The project went before the Hearing Examiner on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 and has been approved.
  • Project bids were received Dec 14, 2020
  • Bid was Awarded by City Council to Total Site Services on January 5, 2021.
  • Construction on the park is projected to begin by spring of 2021. 

*Michael Terrell - Landscape Architecture, PLLC is the selected design firm for this project.

*Total Site Services is the general contractor on the project.

*Playgound to be intstalled by GameTime.

*A Street Sports Fields (Phase 1)

A Rendering of A Street Sports Complex Phase 1

Phase 1 of the Multi-use Sports Fields on A Street

Phase 1 of the Multi-use sports field complex to be located along A Street at the intersection of A Street and Elm St. is partially funded by a State RCO Youth Athletics Facilities Grant. The design work for this project has been completed and the project went before the hearing examiner on September 9, 2020.  The project calls for the extension of Elm Street to the south to give access to the site, a parking lot, a walking path along the new road, a drinking fountain, a shelter for portable toilets, and the development of grass playing field areas large enough to hold 3 full-sized 210' x 330' multi-use sports fields.

Bid documents are currently being prepared for this project. It is set to go out to bid this fall with construction beginning by Spring of 2021. 

*SPVV Landscape Architects is the selected design firm for this project.

*Schlagel Park & Boat Launch

Concept Rendition of the proposed upgrades to Schlagel Park

Schlagel Park Boat Launch and Park Upgrades

Schlagel Park is owned by the Army Corps of Engineers and is located off of E. Washington St. just south of E. Ainsworth St. The City is in a long term lease with the Army Corps for the use and maintenance of the park. The City has received a State RCO Boating Facilities Grant to make needed repairs to the park. The proposed upgrades to the park include the replacement of the old dock with an ADA accessible dock and the repair/replacement of the two boat launches. The long closed restroom building will be removed and a new ADA accessible restroom facility will be placed down close to the parking area and launch. As part of the upgrades both the boat/trailer and car parking areas will be repaved and redesigned to for better traffic flow and safety, and new safety lighting will be installed.

The City has selected the design firm for this project and design work is underway. This project should go to bid sometime in 2021.

*MacKay Sposito is the selected design firm for this project.