Current Park Projects

Map of Pasco with the locations of current park projects marked

1 - Sylvester Park Mini-Pitches

Sylvester Park Mini-Pitches

Sylvester Park to see significant upgrades to its surfaced areas.

The City of Pasco is bringing something new and exciting to the Tri-Cities!  Mini-pitch soccer courts are artificial turf or hard surface courts surrounded by a rebound board system with integrated goals.  The ball remains constantly in play. Mini-Pitches open greater access to soccer, more ball contact, more decisions, more goals, creating a faster, more intensive experience than on a regular pitch. 

Sylvester Park is located in the heart of Pasco, (behind Lourdes Medical Center). Two of the three tennis courts were replaced with mini-pitch soccer courts.  The remaining tennis court was resurfaced. ADA access improvements are scheduled to take place in spring of 2023.

  • Musco is the lead on this project.
  • Mini-pitch courts installed April 2022
  • Resurfacing of Mini-pitch and tennis court completed June 2022
  • ADA Access Improvements - expected completion April 2023

2 - A Street Sports Complex (Phase 1)

photo of grading work being done for Phase 1 of the A Street Sports Complex

Phase 1 of the Multi-use Sports Fields on A Street

Phase 1 of the Multi-use sports field complex to be located along A Street at the intersection of A Street and Elm St. is partially funded by a State RCO Youth Athletics Facilities Grant. The project calls for the extension of Elm Street to the south to give access to the site, a parking lot, a walking path along the new road, a drinking fountain, a shelter for portable toilets, and the development of grass playing field areas large enough to hold 3 full-sized 210' x 330' multi-use sports fields.

 Bid documents are currently being prepared for this project. Construction projected to begin Spring 2022. 

  • SPVV Landscape Architects is the selected design firm for this project. The design work for this project has been completed.
  • Cultural Resource Survey Completed Spring 2020
  • Project went before the hearing examiner on September 9, 2020
  • Project Bid award to Big D's Construction - Fall 2022.
  • Construction Notice to proceed issued December 2022
  • Phase 1 Projected completion is June 2023

3 - Schlagel Park & Boat Launch

Photo of the Schlagel Park Project. New pilons in, old parking lot removed and prepared for new.

Schlagel Park Boat Launch and Park Upgrades

Schlagel Park is owned by the Army Corps of Engineers and is located off of E. Washington St. just south of E. Ainsworth St. The City is in a long term lease with the Army Corps for the use and maintenance of the park. The City has received a State RCO Boating Facilities Grant to make needed repairs to the park. The proposed upgrades to the park include the replacement of the old dock with an ADA accessible dock and the repair/replacement of the two boat launches. The long closed restroom building will be removed and a new ADA accessible restroom facility will be placed down close to the parking area and launch. As part of the upgrades both the boat/trailer and car parking areas will be repaved and redesigned for better traffic flow and safety, and new safety lighting will be installed.

  • MacKay Sposito is the selected design firm for this project.
  • Bid Award to Goodman and Mehlenbacher Enterprises
  • Notice to proceed issued - October 2022
  • New Restroom Facility installed - January 2023
  • In water work (New Concrete Ramps, New Dock Pilings) - Projected completion February 2023
  • Parking Lot Improvements - Projected Completion March 2023
  • New Floating Dock Installed - Projected Completion March 2023

4 - Highland Park Restroom Building

Overhead photo of Highland Park

Highland Park Restroom Building and Field Upgrades

Highland Park features three football fields and is home to youth football in Pasco. This project will construct a centrally located building that will include ADA accessible restrooms, a concession stand, storage area and more. The project will also replace all four of the remaining old “H” style goal posts with new “Y” style goal posts. This will increase safety by removing collision points from along the base goal line.

  • Applied for YAF Grant in May 2020 for partial funding of project
  • Awarded YAF Grant in June 2021
  • Finalized grant agreement September 2021
  • Currently working on finalizing design and preparing bid documents