2021-2022 Budget

Note: The City of Pasco has been awarded the Government Finance Officers Association Distinguished Budget Presentation for their 2021-2022 Biennial Budget. See Award Letter and Certificate here 

The City of Pasco uses a two-year budget cycle, with the introduction of the 2021-2022 Budget to the City Council in November 2020, and approval in December 2020.

From the City Manager's introduction to the 2021-2022 Budget:

I am pleased to present to you the City of Pasco’s adopted biennial budget for the years 2021-2022. As required by State law, revenues and expenses in this budget are balanced in all funds. Staff developed this budget in furtherance of the adopted City Council Goals for 2020-2021. Further, the adopted 2021-2022 budget presents a strategic and integrated plan for the allocation of public resources toward a variety of City programs, activities, and projects necessary to promote the physical security of the community, enhance the quality of life for residents, support businesses, promote equitable public investment in the form of capital improvements and strategic planning, and promote private investment.

2021-2022 Big Picture

Over the 2021-2022 biennium, this budget focuses on the implementation of several long-range plans and projects aimed at furthering the City Council’s adopted goals. Many of the City’s long-term efforts such as the Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update, Broadmoor Area Master Plan, Information Service Strategic Plan, and Transportation System Master Plan, will be completed early in the biennium, while the Parks and Facilities Comprehensive Plan will commence in 2021. Other, more targeted planning efforts, will continue to advance: Waterfront-Zoning District, Phased Sign Code Updates, Housing Action Plan, Economic Development Plan and others will begin; Comprehensive Police Strategic Plan, Downtown Master Plan and Sign Code Update.

To be successful over the long-term, the need to identify and acquire alternative funding sources for major capital projects or service initiatives is imperative. Operationally, to position the organization toward sustainability, a continued focus on enhancing efficiencies through process design and technology application will be required. 

What follows is a high-level overview of each City Council goal and what is included in the adopted budget to advance them.

Quality of Life 

As Council did in the adoption of the 2020-2021 goals, the 2021-2022 budget places significant investment of our programs, services, and facilities, which will further the promotion of high quality of life. This high-priority goal places significant resources toward the advancement of projects, initiatives, inter-agency collaboration, and strategic planning processes including:

  • Completion of the Animal Control Shelter through a partnership with the City of Kennewick and City of Richland. 
  • Initiate a robust public engagement process to identify and advance Community Center needs. 
  • Update to the Parks and Facilities Comprehensive Plan to include equity assessment, identify areas for revitalization and opportunities for community gathering spaces, and provision of recreational services.
  • Furtherance of public education efforts and financial analysis for a regional aquatics center ballot measure through the Pasco Public Facilities District.
  • Support of the efforts of the Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Commission in the execution of their limited charter. 
  • Identify and implement additional organizational cultural competency training of City staff and officials.
  • Support of the newly formed Arts and Culture Commission and their involvement in public art and arts and culture-related initiatives. 
  • Development of a Housing Action Plan.
  • Completion of Phase I of "A" Street Sporting Complex.
  • Highland Park Restroom/Concession Building construction.
  • NW Community Parkland purchase.

Financial Sustainability 

A thorough understanding of City-owned assets, programs, and services is central to the City’s financial sustainability. Considerable effort has been expended over the past few years to analyze these items and make that information available to the City Council and the public in a transparent, understandable format. Through diligent planning, City staff will work to provide policy options for Council designed to enhance the long-term financial viability, value, and service levels that currently exist over this biennium. Additionally, City staff will continue to instill and promote an organizational culture of customer service through all business lines. 

  • Develop a comprehensive Customer Service Program.
  • TRAKiT software replacement
  • Utility Billing System replacement
  • Complete long-term financial plan for General Fund.
  • Consideration of new, and updated, impact fees to assure the impacts of growth are appropriately mitigated.

Community Safety

To ensure police and fire services continue to meet the needs of the growing community, the following have been included in the 2021-2022 budget:

  • Completion of Comprehensive Police Strategic Master Plan through a vigorous community process.
  • Expansion of homelessness and behavioral health services through; enhanced contract for Resource Navigator program, identify sustainable funding opportunities to continue Mobile Outreach Professionals program, and first-responder training.
  • Long-term planning and efforts to maintain Class 3 Community Fire rating.
  • Assessment and planning to address infrastructure needs and inequities. 
  • Police implementation of Spidr-Tech software to enhance one-on-one communications between officers and the public, track metrics and evaluate service levels.

Community Transportation Network

This biennium the City will see the completion of several long-standing transportation projects and supporting the City Council’s desire to improve connectivity, mobility, multi-modal systems, accessibility, and safety through the following:

  • Completion of the Transportation System Master Plan.
  • Complete widening of Road 68 south of I-182.
  • Complete Wrigley Drive extension.
  • Road 68 / I-182 / Burden Blvd. Improvements.
  • Completion of Argent Rd. Improvements.
  • Coordination with Benton-Franklin Transit System Improvements.

Economic Vitality

The adopted biennial budget provides for significant investment to increase Pasco’s economic and community development in key areas of the City, in particular, revitalizing Downtown and the development of the Broadmoor Area.

  • Initiate Downtown Master Plan and Sign Code Updates.
  • Completion of Broadmoor Master Plan.
  • Construction of the catalytic Peanuts Park and Farmer’s Market.
  • Recruit Economic Development Manager to promote Pasco as a place for commercial and industrial development, tourism, and work collaboratively with community partners towards a comprehensive economic development plan.
  • Operation of the one-stop Permit Center. 
  • Complete Phase II of sign code update.
  • Coordination with Port of Pasco on the waterfront-zoning plan and Riemann Industrial Park initiatives.

Community Identity

Additionally, City staff will continue to capitalize on inter-agency partnerships strengthened through pandemic response and:

  • Develop Public Art Policy in coordination with the newly established Arts and Culture Commission.
  • Public implementation of community engagement tool, “AskPasco”.
  • Create boards and commission the onboarding process.
  • Enhanced support of community events highlighting the diversity of Pasco.

For more information, contact Finance Director Darcy Buckley at (509) 545-3432.

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