Court Street & Road 68 Intersection Improvements

Court Street and Road 68 Intersection Improvements

Road 68 is a north-south principal arterial that is used heavily to move traffic within the City and Franklin County.  Similarly, Court Street is a west-east principal arterial, providing direct access between residential areas and major commercial areas of the City.  Development along Road 68 has increased usage of this intersection.  Southbound Road 68 traffic continuing south of Road 68 or turning east onto Court Street must navigate multiple lanes of cross-traffic along Court Street.  A significant number of traffic accidents have occurred at this intersection.  The City has received grant funding to complete improvements.  The intersection was noted in the 2020 Local Road Safety Plan as a prioritized roadway location of risk based on frequency and attributes of collisions. 

The City has received funding from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STBG) to augment local funds in support of design, permitting, and securing the necessary property rights for the project.  An alternatives analysis and intersection-type evaluation will be completed to identify the appropriate intersection improvement.

The project limits are assumed to extend along West Court Street from North 66 Place to Hilbert Lane, and along Road 68 from approximately 350 feet to the north and 350 feet to the south, depending on the intersection that will ultimately be selected.

The project is anticipated to go out to bid in the winter of 2022, with construction commencement in 2023. 

Court  68
Court_68 Rendering