Planning for Housing

*City of Pasco to develop Housing Action Plan*

The Pasco City Council provided funding for the creation of the cities first Housing Action Plan. Planning for this effort began in September and is expected to be completed in the Spring 2022. The Housing Action Plan is action-oriented and focuses on solutions to increase housing availability and affordability. Recommendations must be adopted by City Council and will guide the City's future actions over the next several years.

*City of Pasco selected to participate in Housing Solutions Workshop* 

Housing is one of the most important needs in our lives and communities. Local governments play a critical role in housing, including its production. Local governments possess regulatory control over land use and development. They are key players, both individually and in cooperation with other housing interests, in stimulating various types of development activity.

The Washington State Growth Management Act sets goals and expectations for housing planning that provides an umbrella for regional and local housing actions. Pasco’s 2018-2038 Comprehensive Plan Housing Element Goals and P are below:

  • Housing Goal 1:
    1. Encourage housing for all economic segments of the city’s population consistent with the local and regional market.
  • Housing Goal 2:
    1. Preserve and maintain the existing housing stock for present and future residents.
  • Housing Goal 3:
    1. Encourage housing design and construction that ensures long term sustainability and value.
  • Housing Goal 4:
    1. Support efforts to provide affordable housing to meet the demands of the community.


City of Pasco 2018-2038 Comprehensive Plan

City of Pasco Community Housing Improvement Program

Washington State Department of Commerce - Housing