Internal Services

  1. Gina Vasquez

    Community Resource Specialist

509 Foot Care | (509) 947-5152

The First Avenue Center is offering preventative foot care services to seniors 60 and older. Services include inspection of feet for early detection of corns, calluses, ingrown toenails and other minor foot problems.  

  • Toenails trimmed and smoothed 
  • Application of lotion to relieve dryness 
  • Instruction for exercise and care of feet at home 
  • Referrals made to physicians as needed 
  • Care is provided by a Registered Nurse trained in foot care 
  • Diabetic and high risk clients are welcomed. 

There are a limited number of appointments every month, call or email to schedule your appointment!

Down Payment Assistance Program

The Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) Down Payment Assistance Program provides a silent second loan in the form of down payment assistance and eligible closing costs. The City will provide financing up to a $10,000, which enables a low to moderate income person(s) or family to purchase a vacant or owner occupied home for sale within the Pasco city limits.

Home Safety Visit | (509) 545-3497 

The Pasco Fire Department's Risk Reduction program provides residents with a home safety visit to identify hazards which could later prevent a fall or fire. To schedule a home safety visit, fill out the linked form, for more information about the program call the number above.

Low-Income Senior Discounts 

Pasco offers a reduced senior citizen rate for single-family residential water and sewer services. This discount is available to individuals who: 

  • Are 62 years of age or older 
  • Have had the utility account in their name for more than 90 days 
  • Reside at the location stated on their application 
  • Qualify as low income (annual household income updating and verification is required to stay in the program) 

Senior citizens can also apply for discounted dog licenses and garbage services.

Smoke Alarm Installation and Maintenance | (509) 545-3497 

Working smoke alarms in your home can make all the difference, should a fire ever occur. Fires in homes with smoke alarms are significantly less damaging due to the quick detection and response to the emergency. Pasco Fire Department is happy to install your alarms for you and assist in replacing batteries as needed. If you are unable to provide us with your own alarms to install, we are able to install alarms at no cost to you, courtesy of The Red Cross. Fill out and submit the linked online form to request fire alarm installation and battery replacement, you can also call the number above to request more information.