Utility Box Wrap Art

Empowering Artists, Investing in Communities 

The Utility Box Wrap Art program was originally proposed during a City Council meeting the summer of 2019, by STCU, who was opening a new branch location in Pasco. At the time, Pasco was still in the process of establishing the Arts & Culture Commission. Shortly after the initial STCU presentation, the Pasco Arts and Culture Commission (PACC) was established in November 2019 and commissioners were appointed in March of 2020. Despite setbacks, in 2021 the first Box Wrap Call for Art was posted. In June 2022, the selected designs were installed on utility boxes in 4 locations across Pasco, pictured below. 

STCU has agreed to sponsor 4 utility box wrap installations per year, while PACC and City staff are responsible for the submission and selection process. Pasco residents will continue to see new art coloring the streets of Pasco, thanks to the generosity of STCU.

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