City Council

About the Pasco City Council

The City of Pasco functions under a "Council-Manager" system of government, as prescribed by Chapter 35.18 of the Revised Code of Washington. In this governance framework, the seven Councilmembers constitute the elected governing body of the City. These Councilmembers are charged with the appointment and oversight of the City Manager, who manages the daily operations of the City.

Council Members

Six Councilmembers are each responsible for and elected by a specific district within the City, while one Councilmember holds an "At Large" position, elected by residents from all areas. Every two years, or in the event of a vacancy, the Council elects from among its members to serve as Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem. For a visual representation of the individual districts, you can view City District maps here.

Council Elections/Redistricting

The districts and the election system for Council have changed in recent years; read more.

Contact the City Council

The City Council is always open to hearing from community members. They welcome questions, feedback, and ideas from residents. To contact the Council, please view their contact information here.

Please note that the Councilmembers do not have permanent offices within City Hall and balance their Council responsibilities with other professional commitments. As such, they may need some time to respond to inquiries.

The Council appreciates the public's understanding and patience. Every message is important to them, as community engagement is key to shaping the future of Pasco.

Council Meetings

Current meeting times, locations, and current agendas are available on our meeting portal.

Past meeting agendas and approved meeting minutes are available on our Records Management Storage System (Laserfiche). 

Council Video

City Council meetings are available to watch live via PSC-TV Channel 191 on Charter/Spectrum Cable in Pasco and Richland, online via streaming video, and on the City’s Facebook page. Previous meetings are available online via Pasco City Television On-Demand and the City's YouTube page.

For more information about the City Council, call the City Manager’s Office at (509) 544-3060.