What is My City Council District & Who Represents Me?

Six Councilmembers each represent a district; one Councilmember is "At Large." View the Council Districts Map (PDF), which shows all districts.

  • District 1 Map (PDF)Adobe Acrobat icon(green area): District 1 generally encompasses an area south of I-182, north of Court Street, and east of 4th Avenue
  • District 2 Map (PDF)(red area): District 2 generally encompasses an area east of US395, south of "A" Street, and east of Cedar Avenue.
  • District 3 Map (PDF)Adobe Acrobat icon(yellow area): District 3 generally encompasses an area east of Convention Place and north of I-182.
  • District 4 Map (PDF)Adobe Acrobat icon(tan area): District 4 generally encompasses an area between Convention Drive and Broadmoor Boulevard (Road 100), north of Argent Road.
    • This district’s City Council representative is Pete Serrano
  • District 5 Map (PDF)Adobe Acrobat icon(blue area): District 5 generally encompasses the area south of I-182 and west of US 395, as well as all of the areas west of Broadmoor Boulevard (Road 100).
    • This district’s City Council representative is David Milne
  • District 6 Map (PDF)(purple area): District 6 generally encompasses the area east of 26th Avenue, west of Cedar Avenue, north of "A" Street, and south of Court Street.
  • One Council member is "At Large" (not assigned to a specific district):

Council Elections

The process for elections for Councilmembers changed to a more district-based system in 2017; read more via this link.

For additional information, contact the City Manager’s Office at (509) 545-3404.