2023-2024 Budget

From the City Manager's Introduction to the 2023-2024 Budget

"I am pleased to present the City of Pasco’s proposed budget for the 2023-2024 biennium. As required by State law, revenues and expenses that compose the budget are balanced in all funds. Guiding staff in this budget planning effort were a myriad of inputs, including completed comprehensive and master plans, the capital and operational plans embedded in rate studies, an approved Capital Improvement Plan for the years 2023-2028, City Council goals for the years of 2022-2023 and staff knowledge gained through operational and administrative experience. The 2023-2024 budget serves as a financial roadmap. This map assigns City resources toward a variety of services, programs, activities, and projects. Ultimately, the result is a body of services, programs, activities, and projects that form the collective effort of City staff. The aim of which is to meet Council Goals and the needs of our citizenry, including safety in the community, an enhanced quality of resident life and business community operations, and financial stewardship of resources. All these outcomes not only benefit our current community but also future generations of the City of Pasco."

2023-2024 Budget

  1. Buckley

    Darcy Buckley

    Finance Director