Code Division

Service to the Community

The Code Division was established to work with residents and businesses to ensure the City of Pasco is a clean, safe and healthy place to live and work. The Pasco City Council empowered Code Officers to enforce the Pasco Municipal Code (PMC) through education, inspections and formal notices to those remaining in violation.

Code Officers investigate citizen complaints and identify others through proactive inspections. Some of the most common code violations pertain to overgrown weeds, accumulations of waste or garbage materials, blowing dust, obstructions to public rights-of-way, potential fire hazards, zoning code and sign code requirements, business license requirements and portions of the noise ordinance.

The Code Enforcement Board is an entity made up of volunteer community members who review and hear cases involving city code violations and make decisions based on the relevant code and evidence. 

Resolution of nuisances and code complaints contribute to improved property appearance, health, community pride and property values.

If you would like to submit a suspected code violation or ask a question you can do so via the AskPasco application. You may also contact the City of Pasco Code Division at 509-543-5743 or email the Code Office for further information.

Para más información en español, por favor de llamar al (509) 543-5743.


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