Code Enforcement


The Code Enforcement Office oversees compliance with many of the Pasco rules and regulations set within the city's Code Enforcement Board hears alleged violations of the city code regarding property maintenance standards.

The City of Pasco, Community and Economic Development Department - Code Enforcement Division is seeking qualified contractors who are readily available to participate in general and emergency abatement work. Projects typically include trimming and removal of weeds and vegetation, removal of trash, debris, abandoned appliances and vehicles, and boarding of structures.

Contractors will be given the opportunity to bid on general abatement projects. Contractors on the emergency abatement list will be called on a rotating basis and must be available to complete the requested work the same day. Contractors must have a phone, email address, current City of Pasco business license and a current State of Washington license with proper liability insurance naming the City of Pasco as additional insured. Contractors are required to register for free with MRSC Rosters. The City of Pasco is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Prevailing Wages apply to all projects. Active invitations to bid can be viewed at the Pasco City Hall Building Department or online at Code Enforcement. Contact the City of Pasco Code Enforcement Division at 509-543-5743 or email the Code Office for further information.


Para más información en español, por favor de llamar al (509) 543-5743.