Community & Economic Development


The Community and Economic Development (CED) Department promotes and oversees development in the community through land use planning, increase in and improvement of housing, regular property maintenance, enforcement of construction regulations, and improved design aesthetics throughout the city. 

 The Department performs these services to enhance economic opportunities and desired livability for residents of the City. Many of these services also provide opportunities for residents to be involved in the process. Public forums and open houses allow for residents to express what they would like to see happen in the community as well as specific comments on ongoing projects. In this way CED hopes to create a partnership with community members as well as offering diverse opportunities to provide feedback and comments. 

Building Permits and Inspection Services

The Division of Building and Inspection is responsible for processing building permit applications through the one stop permit center, monitoring construction within the city, and conducting inspections.

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement division oversees compliance with Pasco municipal code and building code to ensure that the city is a clean and safe place to live.

Development Services

The Development Services division seeks to improve the community through federally funded grants as well as create economic opportunity for established and new industries. 

Planning Division

The Planning Division maintains and updates the state mandated comprehensive plan as well as administering land use related planning applications and overseeing the major planning projects

Helpful Links and Documents:City of Pasco Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a 20-year vision and road map for Pasco’s future. By year 2038, Pasco will be home to over 120,000 people. Learn more about our efforts and strategies to address future needs and services while preserving and improving our quality of life.

 City of Pasco 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan

The Consolidated Plan is a document created each year that assesses the housing needs of our community and is used to obtain Community Development Block Grants that are applied for every year.


This page directs you to the different traffic and GIS maps that can help detail some of the more technical aspects of the planning projects, especially those associated with land use or a traffic study.