Required Licenses & Permits

Animal Licensing

Read about Pasco's licensing and vaccination requirements to keep your pets safe.

Building Permits

Permits are required on most construction projects throughout the City of Pasco to ensure quality, safety and building code standards are met.

Business Licensing

A business license and City of Pasco endorsement are required to operate a business within the City of Pasco.

Residential Rental Licenses

As part of the Residential Rental Program, rental property owners are required to obtain a residential rental license through the City of Pasco business licensing division. Each property owner is required to submit a Certificate of Inspection every two years to demonstrate each rental unit meets the City's minimum housing code standards.

Special Events Permits

A permit is required for special events to be held within Pasco city limits, including but not limited to public dance, dance hall, concert, outdoor music festival, parade, demonstration, athletic or competitive event, temporary sales event, carnivals, and circuses. This includes special events held at the Trade Recreation and Agricultural Center (TRAC), including one or more unlicensed City of Pasco businesses.

Please note: All Special Event applications must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the event, 90 days for an outdoor music festival.

Yard Sale Permits

The City of Pasco requires a permit to have a yard sale within the city limits. Permits are free and can be obtained in person by visiting the Inspection Services on the first floor of City Hall.