Certificate of Inspection

As a condition of issuance of the Rental Dwelling License, Chapter 5.60 of the Pasco Municipal Code also requires that all rental dwelling units be inspected every 2 years. A certificate of inspection must then be submitted to the city showing that each of the rental units complies with the city's housing code standards.

Timing of Inspection

The City has been divided into 8 inspection districts. These districts correspond to the calendar year quarters in each 2-year cycle of inspections as seen in the table below:

Inspection Schedule

DistrictInspection DueDistrictInspection Due
1January 1 - March 30, odd year5January 1 - March 30, even year
2April 1 - June 30, odd year6April 1 - June 30, even year
3July 1 - September 30, odd year7July 1 - September 30, even year
4October 1 - December 31, odd year8October 1 - December 31, even year

To determine which district a rental property is in, please consult the Rental District Map or lookup the property's district using our online database. An inspection request letter will be sent approximately 2 weeks before the beginning of each quarter to every owner who has rental property in the district that corresponds to that quarter.


There is no charge for a rental inspection conducted by a City Rental Inspector. Property owners may choose to have a private inspector perform the required habitability inspection instead of the City of Pasco inspector. However, the private inspector must meet 1 of the qualifications outlined in Pasco Municipal Code 5.60.030 (3) to perform the inspection. Any cost associated with the use of private inspectors are the responsibility of the property owner. Additionally, the inspector must complete the inspection form provided by the city.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Inspections
Rental properties that have been inspected for compliance with HUD Section 8 Program standards need only submit the most current HUD inspection report in lieu of the city's inspection form.