Burns Road Speed Limit Change


The City of Pasco is pleased to announce a significant change to improve safety on Burns Road west of Broadmoor Boulevard.Effective beginning November 15th, the speed limit will be reduced from 50 mph to 35 mph. This decision comes after a thorough speed study conducted by CivTech, a specialized traffic engineering firm. 

Why the Change? 

Burns Road was previously under the jurisdiction of Franklin County and was recently annexed into the City of Pasco. With new residential developments along this segment and increased traffic, the City saw the need to reevaluate the existing speed limit to enhance safety for both drivers and pedestrians. 

The Speed Study 

To make an informed decision, the City engaged CivTech, a firm specializing in traffic engineering, to conduct a speed study. The study yielded several important findings: 

  • Average Speeds: The highest average speed recorded was 43 mph, which is 7 mph slower than the previous speed limit. 
  • Road UsageThe majority of traffic on Burns Road is local, accessing the residential neighborhoods along the road. 
  • Comparison with Other Roads: Most Principal Arterials within the city have a posted speed limit between 25 and 35 mph. 
  • Road Features: Burns Road is a two-lane roadway with no sidewalks, curbs, or gutters, and no on-street parking is available. 

Based on these findings, a speed limit of 35 mph was deemed appropriate for Burns Road west of Broadmoor Boulevard. 

Council Approval and Legal Amendments 

The City Council approved the speed limit reduction at their meeting on October 16th. The Pasco Municipal Code (PMC) Section 10.35.030 will be amended to reflect this change, aligning with the Council's broader traffic calming goals. 

Timeline for Implementation 

A robust public outreach plan will take place prior to the new speed limit signs and speed limit on November 15th. The City of Pasco encourages all drivers to adhere to the new speed limit and thanks residents for their cooperation as we work to make our roads safer for everyone. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q: When will the new speed limit go into effect? 
A: November 15th  

Q: How was the new speed limit determined? 
A: Through a comprehensive speed study conducted by CivTech. 

Q: Who approved the speed limit change? 
A: The City Council approved the change at their meeting on October 16th.