Business Licenses

Who needs a City of Pasco Business License

Anyone doing business in the City of Pasco whose annual value of products, gross proceeds of sales, or gross income of the business in the City is more than Two Thousand Dollars ($2,001) must maintain a City of Pasco Business License (endorsement through the State of Washington). Per the Pasco Municipal Code, "Business" means all activities, occupations, service, pursuits or professions conducted within the City with the object of gain, benefit, profit or advantage, to the person or entity engaging in the same, or to any person or class, directly, for which a State of Washington business license is required.

The following Special Licenses and Permits must be obtained directly from the City of Pasco and the $2,001 business threshold does not apply: Driver for Hire License/Permit, Solicitor License, Rental License, Occupancy Registration, Special Event Permits. (see below)

Licensing a New Business in the City of Pasco

Washington State's Business License Services (BLS) handles most City license applications and renewals. BLS combines state and local license requirements into a "one-stop" process. Apply for, update, or renew your Pasco license. (See below for licenses issued directly by the State).

Watch the video below for easy instruction on obtaining a license.

Obtain Your Business License

Obtener una licencia - Español

Steps to get a City of Pasco Business License

Step 1: Check the Zoning and Permitted Uses of Your Location 

To operate your business from any location within the City limits of Pasco, it is very important that you verify that your business activity meets the zoning requirements for the location you have selected. Use the Zoning Map (PDF) or Parcel Map to find out the zoning classification for a property.

Step 2: License your business

The City of Pasco is a licensing partner with the State of Washington Business License Service's (BLS) combined licensing program. This city-state partnership saves you time by combining renewals and applications into one easy process with one yearly payment. With BLS, you can apply for or renew your Pasco license along with hundreds of other state and city licenses online through the Washington State Department of Revenue or call at (360) 705-6741.

Certain businesses require supplemental information and fees (Pasco Municipal Code 3.35.050). The City will contact these businesses upon notification from BLS of your application.

 Supplemental Information Forms

Step 3: Receiving your business license

You will receive your City of Pasco endorsement from DOR approximately 2-6 weeks after submitting your completed application, appropriate payment, and required documentation.

Special Licenses and Permits issued directly by the City

The following licenses/permits must be obtained from the City of Pasco only, and completed applications should be returned to City Hall.

  • Rental License (PDF): this applies to any person making available for rent any structure or part of a structure used as a single-family residence, multiplexes, apartments, or mobile home
  • Solicitor License (PDF)Any person who goes from house to house or from place to place in the City offering goods or services for sale.
  • Occupancy Registration (PDF): Churches, places of religious worship, political organizations, charitable organizations, and other nonprofit organizations.
  • Special Event Permits (PDF): For special events to be held within Pasco city limits, including but not limited to public dance, dance hall, concert, outdoor music festival, parade, demonstration, athletic or competitive event, temporary sales event, carnivals, and circuses. This includes special events held at the Trade Recreation and Agricultural Center (TRAC), including one or more unlicensed City of Pasco businesses.
  • Yard Sale PermitsThe City requires a free permit to have a yard sale within city limits.

Please call (509) 545-3402 for more information on these permits.

Other Information

For more information or questions, call our Business Licensing office at (509) 545-3402 or email [email protected].