Public Records Requests


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Washington State, "in-person" Public Records Act business at Pasco City Hall must be scheduled and conducted by appointment only.  Contact the City Clerk’s Office at (509) 544-3096 or to schedule a time to meet with a staff member in person to submit an “in-person” public records request, to review records, make a payment of records, and to pick up records. 

The fastest method of requesting and receiving records is through the City’s public records request portal here.

The City Manager designated the City Clerk as the City’s Public Records Officer pursuant to the Washington State Public Records Act (PRA) Chapter 42.56 RCW.

The public records officer oversees compliance with the PRA; however, other City staff members may process a request. The public records officer or designee and the City will:

  1. provide the fullest assistance possible to requesters;
  2. ensure that public records are protected from damage or disorganization; and
  3. respond promptly to all public records requests per RCW 42.56.520.

GENERAL RECORDS (including Animal Control Records)

(Records other than Police, Fire & Emergency Services and Municipal Court)

Request copies of public records through the City of Pasco’s Public Records Portal.


The person involved in a Pasco Police incident may request their own Police Record(s) by contacting PPD through:
  • Email:
  • Call: 509-545-3421
  • In-person: Pasco Police Community Services Building, 215 West Sylvester Ave, Pasco, WA
  • Mail: Pasco Police Department - Records Unit as 525 N 3rd Avenue, Pasco, WA 99301


Requests must be completed using the Records Request form or through the City's online public records request portal
*If you are seeking a waiver for processing fees, then a copy of photo identification must be included in your request.
  • In-Person: Pasco City Clerk's Office, 525 N. Third Avenue


Requesting Pasco Municipal Court records, do one of the following:
  • Email:
  • In-person: Pasco Municipal Court, 1016 N 4th Avenue, Pasco, WA
  • Mail: Pasco Municipal Court Administration, 1016 N 4th Avenue, Pasco, WA 99301
  • Call: 509-545-3491


Requesting Fire & Emergency Medical Services Incident records, do one of the following:
  • Email:
  •  Mail: Fire Administration - 525 N 3rd Avenue, Pasco, WA 99301
  • Call: 509-545-3426


The PRA provides that a number of document types and information within a record may be prohibited from being disclosed or exempt from public inspection and copying. A current list of these prohibitions and exemptions will be provided upon request. Also, the PRA (RCW 42.17.260(9) and RCW 42.56.070(8)) prohibits the use of public record lists of individuals for commercial purposes.