About Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement office was established to work with residents and businesses to keep the City of Pasco a clean, safe and healthy place to live and work. The Pasco City Council empowered the code enforcement officers to enforce the Pasco Municipal Code (PMC) through inspections and notices to those in violation.

Code enforcement officers investigate citizen complaints and identify others through proactive inspections. Some of the most common code violations pertain to weeds, accumulations of waste or garbage materials, blowing dust, obstructions to public rights-of-way, potential fire hazards, zoning code and sign code requirements, business license requirements and portions of the noise ordinance.

When valid violations have been identified, the person responsible for the violation (in most cases the property owner) will be sent a Correction Notice. The notice will define in detail the violations, what action(s) must be taken for compliance and a time frame for the action(s) to be completed.

If the violations are not corrected in the time given, a Notice of Civil Violation will be issued and the matter will be scheduled to be heard at the next regular meeting of the city's Code Enforcement Board. The Board will make a determination based on the facts and evidence presented by the person responsible for the alleged violation and the city to determine if a violation has occurred. The Board may assess penalties of up to $500 per day to a maximum of $5000 when it finds that a violation has occurred.

Code Enforcement also oversees the city's Residential Rental Program. A rental dwelling license is required for all rental properties, including single family homes. Inspections are required every 2 years to ensure that the properties meet the minimum housing code requirements.