Yard Sale Permits

Permits & Regulations

The City of Pasco requires a permit to have a yard sale within the city limits. Permits are free and can be obtained by calling our office at (509) 543-5726 or visiting our office in person at the City Hall First Floor Permit Center. 

All yard sales must also adhere to the following regulations per the Pasco Municipal Code:

  • Yard sales shall be limited to two such sales in each calendar year for each individual household. No sale shall be conducted for a period of more than two consecutive calendar days.
  • Merchandise offered for sale at a yard sale must consist of used or secondhand material owned by the person granted the permit or members of the individual household.
  • Any individual household before conducting any yard sale must have a permit. Such a permit is obtained by making application at least 24 hours prior to commencement of the sale. The application must be made by a member of the individual household eighteen years of age or older and shall describe the location and dates of the sale.
  • Upon completion and approval of the application, a permit shall be issued containing the information shown in the application. No fee shall be required for yard sale permits.
  • Yard sale permits shall be restricted to properties zoned or used for residential purposes on private property and shall not be permitted on sidewalks, alleys, streets or any other public way. Location shall be limited to property occupied by the person making the application for the permit. Sales in commercial or industrial areas are subject to "temporary special sales events" permits per PMC Chapter 5.35.
  • Any sale shall be conducted in an orderly manner and shall not constitute a public nuisance nor hazard to persons or property.
  • Yard sale signs are allowed only for permitted yard sales in conformance with PMC 17.15.020.

For more information on yard sale regulations call (509) 543-5726.