Average Payment Plan

Simplifying Your Payments

Our Budget Plan is designed to allow our customers the ease of knowing how much the monthly utility bill will be. We start by averaging your past 12 bills into equal payments. In April and October of each year we will re-evaluate and adjust your payments for the next 6 months. Any rate changes and the difference between the budget amount and actual charges will be figured in the next budget payment amount.

How to Sign Up

If your account has a zero balance and has been in full service for 12 consecutive months then you can sign up for the Budget Plan. You may cancel this program at any time - however, the account must then be paid in full. You can choose to go back on to the Budget Plan any time after 12 consecutive months have passed. If a monthly budget payment is received later than 25 days from the bill date then the account will be removed from the Budget Plan and be returned to the standard billing process.

Download our Budget Payment Plan Details and Application Form (PDF) .

For additional questions concerning budget payment plan, please contact the Utility Billing department.