Parking Tickets

Ways to Handle Parking Tickets

The Pasco Municipal Court has jurisdiction over parking infractions allegedly committed in the City of Pasco in violation of the Pasco Municipal Code. These non-criminal violations are punishable by a fine in a presumptive amount set by the City Council.

Special rules govern infraction hearings, and procedures are different from criminal cases. Please pay particular attention to the time limits for responding to an infraction, which are discussed on the back of your citation. The following options describe 3 different ways you can proceed after receiving a parking violation:

  • Post payment: The defendant may pay the set fine, admitting to wrongdoing. This involves no court hearing.
  • Request a mitigation hearing: The defendant admits to the violation, but asks for a reduced fine based upon mitigating circumstances.
  • Request a contested hearing: The defendant chooses not admit to the violation, and moves to a full trial.
  • Request a Time-Pay agreement: The defendant can come to the court office and sign a monthly time-pay agreement.