Water Utility

Division Responsibilities

The Water Filtration Division operates within the Public Works Department and is responsible for delivering quality drinking water to the City of Pasco residents that meets and exceeds state and federal requirements. In accordance with these responsibilities, the City of Pasco’s water treatment consists of:

  • Chemical addition
  • Disinfection
  • Filtration
  • Sedimentation control

About the utility

On average, the water utility treats 338 million gallons of water per month. Each step in the treatment process is monitored and evaluated for treatment effectiveness. Adjustments to the raw water chemical dosage are made as necessary to combat biological or chemical substances after the water is pumped from the Columbia River to the treatment plant. The process chemicals:

  • Adjust PH
  • Enhance filtration
  • Remove particles from the raw water
  • Safeguard consumers against bacteria by carefully monitoring chlorine in the finished water
  • Treat taste and odor

The Comprehensive Water System Plan (PDF) update provides for the Water Utility through the year 2036. 

2022 Water Quality Report (English) 
2022 Water Quality Report (Spanish)