Comprehensive Plan Amendments

All applications for Comprehensive Plan amendments are due by 5:00 PM on Monday, May 2, 2022.

What Is the Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process?

Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendments, involve a public process to review and amend the Comprehensive Plan. The review involves evaluating increases in population, services, capital facilities, land use, and other factors before the Pasco Planning Commission and Pasco City Council. Washington State Law prohibits local jurisdictions from amending their Comprehensive Plans more than once per calendar year.

Any property owner or their representative, citizen, agency, neighborhood association or other party within the Pasco Urban Growth Area may apply for an amendment to the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The amendment process begins with a required pre-application conference, followed by submittal of a completed application.

Pre-Application Meeting (Required) Form 

Any person, firm, corporation, group of individuals, or municipal department may 
petition for an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan is not amended more than once a year unless there is an emergency requiring an amendment.

All petitions requesting amendments of the Plan are accepted during any time of the year and held until a hearing is scheduled. 

To apply for a comprehensive Plan Amendment click here; For more information contact the City of Pasco Planning Division at [email protected].

Application Form: Procedures Guide & Application Form

Process: PMC 25.215.020 Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Fees: PMC 3.35.110 Comprehensive Plan Amendment