Special Permit

All conditional uses, due to their nature, are deemed to require special review by a Hearing Examiner who is specifically trained and experienced in the knowledge and application of land use law and project permitting, so that each use may be considered on a case-by-case basis and mitigation measures may be formulated to reduce or eliminate any negative impacts on surrounding uses.

Conditional uses include, but are not limited to schools and other academic facilities, Cemeteries and other places of burial or interment; Churches, Community service facilities as defined in Sections 25.12.155 and 25.12.156 of the Pasco Municipal code (PMC); Airports and other landing or maneuvering space for aircraft; Golf courses and similar facilities; Monasteries, and other functionally similar facilities; Mines, quarries and gravel pits; Landfills, garbage dumps, and resource recovery facilities; Off-site parking lots; Electrical substations and other utility facilities; Park and ride lots, and other similar facilities; Commercial Agricultural uses; and adaptive reuse of historic places.

Application Form: Special Permit Application (PDF)

Process: Special Permits Info Sheet (PDF)

Fees: Zoning and Subdivision Fees (DOC)