Subdivision - Preliminary Plat

The purpose of a preliminary plat is to provide the owner(s) of property wishing to divide their property into 2 or more lots and the City an opportunity to review the overall concept prior to initial development. The intent of the preliminary plat process is to promote orderly and efficient community growth within the requirements of RCW 58.17.035.

After an open record pre-decision hearing on a proposed preliminary plat, the Planning Commission sends a recommendation to the City Council as to whether the proposal based on the findings shall be denied, approved or approved with modifications or conditions. The Planning Commission makes conclusions based on the following:

(1) Whether adequate provisions are made for the public health, safety and general welfare and for open spaces, drainage ways, streets, alleys, other public ways, water supplies, sanitary wastes, parks, playgrounds, transit stops, schools and school grounds, sidewalks for safe walking conditions for students and other public needs;

(2) The proposed subdivision contributes to the orderly development and land use patterns in the area;

(3) The proposed subdivision conforms to the policies, maps and narrative text of the Comprehensive Plan;

(4) The proposed subdivision conforms to the general purposes of any applicable policies or plans which have been adopted by the City Council;

(5) The proposed subdivision conforms to the general purposes of this Title;

(6) The public use and interest will be served by approval of the proposed subdivision.

Application Form: Preliminary Plat Application (PDF)

Process: Preliminary Plat Info Sheet (PDF)

Fees: Zoning and Subdivision Fees (DOC)