Boat Basin/Marine Terminal Plan

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Boat Basin/Marine Terminal Area Plan


The Boat Basin/Marine Terminal area is located east of the Cable Bridge and adjacent to the Columbia River shoreline, in the City.

The City of Pasco and the Port of Pasco desire to prepare a plan that will include the Boat Basin public and adjoining private properties, and the Marine Terminal area. The planning process is intended to be incorporated into the City's Comprehensive Plan. It is also intended that the plan will functionally incorporate and coordinate elements of the existing Port Master Plan (SMP 08-001) with the Marine Terminal and Boat Basin properties.

Ownership of this area (including the "Marine Terminal" and the "Boat Basin") is generally divided between the Port of Pasco, the US Army Corps of Engineers (land leased to the City of Pasco), and private owners.

Adjacent land to the east has been master-planned through the Port of Pasco (SMP 08-001). The Master Plan includes a mix of land uses and is divided into 4 general areas: (1) the Riverfront Business Park; (2) the Expansion Area; (3) the Retention Area; and (4) the Rail/Barge Terminal Area.

*(Marine Terminal area, formerly referred to as "Tank Farm" area).

Boat Basin/Marine Terminal Area Plan (PDF) 

Community Meetings

Thursday January 21, 2010 Community Meeting
Thursday March 25, 2010 Community Meeting
Thursday June 17, 2010 Community Workshop

Thursday September 16, 2010 Planning Commission Public Hearing

Thursday October 21, 2010 Planning Commission Public Meeting

Planning Commission/City Council Reports

PC Packet Thursday September 16, 2010 Public Hearing

PC Packet Thursday October 21, 2010 Public Meeting

Community Boat Basin/Marine Terminal Area Survey

Community Survey (PDF)

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