Broadmoor Master Plan

About Broadmoor

Development of the Broadmoor Master Plan and the supporting Environmental Impact Statement is nearing completion for a draft issuance for public comment. Work on the Broadmoor Master Plan has been underway, dating back to a 2004 land use and market analysis study. Over recent years, efforts have been made to update several critical components associated with the development of over 1,200 acres situated in northwest Pasco.

Summary of Master Plan

The development of a master plan for an area spanning 1,200 acres has required, and will need, continued attention for key elements including: infrastructure, development regulations, compliance and conformance, phasing, and costs. The Broadmoor planning efforts also includes an established planning vision with a set of principals as described below:
  • Encourage a pedestrian and transit friendly environment
  • Establish a connected community with ample choice for circulation and access
  • Provide a variety of housing choices with a focus on higher density options
  • Create economic opportunities for all
  • Ensure and promote the protection of the natural environment and open space
  • Develop an aesthetically pleasing community with quality design
  • Provide infrastructure and public facilities

Summary of Non-Project Environmental Impact Statement

The preparation of this Non-Project EIS addresses the questions required as part of the SEPA assessment process (WAC 197-11) and the requirements for “Planned Action” as part of WAC 197-11-164. Use of a Non-Project EIS addresses the potential environmental impacts of land use changes and development at a program, plan, and/or policy level by assessing the impacts in a city- or area-wide context rather than a site-specific analysis.

Specific objectives for the EIS were established for the review, including:
  • Planning for the future development of the Broadmoor area as outlined in the accompanying Master Plan
  • Fostering economic development and protecting the quality of the Pasco environment (natural and habitat)
  • Planning for an orderly transition from vacant land to mixed-use, commercial, and, residential uses with a land-use plan of the entire area
  • Improving mobility options for all users by providing and requiring the necessary roadway and non-motorized connections at existing and planned arterial streets with internal connections
  • Identifying and completing the necessary mitigation to offset adverse environmental impacts