Broadmoor Master Plan 2017

 The master planning effort for the the West Pasco/Broadmoor Area will involve analysis of a variety of land use designations, roadway alignments and pertinent issues involved with master planning. The basis for the master planning effort began with the City’s planning efforts in 2011, and reflects much of the thinking that occurred at that time. As the process moves forward, there will be additional opportunities for public comment and property owner input. The planning effort will involve flexibility as it is both a short and long term plan. It is likely that more detailed planning will occur near the intersections of Burns Road and Broadmoor Boulevard with additional flexibility built into the process as the planning and analysis of properties further west of that intersection occurs.
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Non-Project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

The master plan process will also include a non – project environmental impact statement (EIS) that evaluates the impacts resulting from the adoption of a Master Plan. The following areas are slated for analysis in the EIS:

  •  natural and built environments identified in WAC 197-11-444 including earth, water, plants and animals, air quality and greenhouse gases;
  • energy and natural resources
  • environmental health;
  • land and shoreline use;
  • population and housing;
  • aesthetics, recreation;
  • Historic and cultural resources and issues;
  • public services;
  • utilities and transportation.
PLAN 2016-001 Non-Project EIS Process Broadmoor Planning Area ce