Final Corridors & Gateways

Corridors and Gateways Plan 2008

In a 2007 National Citizens Survey, nearly 90% of Pasco survey respondents supported the idea of the City installing and maintaining landscape along select major street corridors to improve the appearance of the community. An ad-hoc committee was appointed by the City Council to update the 1995 Corridors Plan, define policy framework and to recommend specific corridors for improvement and their relative priority. A majority of the committee was composed of business representatives so as to assure that the perspective of those most likely to be affected financially would help to define the goals and policies of the program. Beyond making a good first impression, corridor and gateway enhancement fosters economic revitalization in the older portions of the city. It also lets citizens and visitors alike know clearly that the city cares about and is committed to its quality of life and preservation of community property values. An inviting, aesthetic environment can also translate into an inviting economic climate; businesses will feel more comfortable and confident about investing in a community which visibly reflects those values. Business owners and employees will feel better about moving their business and families to such an environment. In short, an effective corridor enhancement program, including City investment, will pay dividends for the community in terms of both quality of life and economic vitality.

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