Heritage Industrial Park

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The Heritage Center capitalizes on the region's competitive strengths and existing industrial "clusters." These include agriculture, food processing and transportation; geographic location which minimized distances and travel time to major Pacific Northwest markets and ports and geographic distribution of particular industries (especially ethanol, resin and fiber manufacturing).

A market analysis identified industries that show special promise to locate or expand in the Tri-Cities region, including:

  • Distribution Facilities
  • Resins and Fibers manufacturing
  • Specialty Food manufacturing/processing
  • "Green" fuel (Biodiesel and ethanol) manufacturing
  • Motor Vehicle/Trailers manufacturing
  • Construction Material manufacturing

The Heritage Industrial Center is particularly attractive to these industries because the market analysis shows that they may experience costs that are 10-20% below the typical or average level for that sector.

The Heritage Center is considered 1 of the region's best industrial resources and is the result of a long list of private and public commitments that have been made and fulfilled.