Traffic Services

Traffic Services is a part of the Engineering Division that is responsible for the planning, design, maintenance, efficiency, and operations of the City of Pasco’s street network.

The City of Pasco currently has 46 traffic signals in addition to various flashing beacon and flashing school zones. Traffic services is responsible for the maintenance and operation of these systems which includes programming, inspection, and responding to resident concerns/complaints.

Traffic Services currently works with the Pasco Police Dept. to stay informed of current and possible upcoming traffic issues that may pose potential problems to the traveling public.

Traffic Services also performs various studies and reviews of the street network to determine speed limits, respond to resident concerns/complaints, and improve the function of the overall traffic system for vehicular traffic, as well as pedestrian and biking traffic.


Report a traffic issue, traffic issues may include problems with signal timing, flashing beacons, safety, or signage.

Contact the Pasco School District with questions regarding flashing school zone times.

Report speeding and enforcement issues to the Pasco Police Department.

Contact the Franklin PUD to report a street light that is out or malfunctioning.

2022 Local Road Safety Plan

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