Free Conservation Products Available to City of Pasco Water Customers:

City of Pasco has an assistance program designed to encourage maximum water efficiency in local homes. A recent utility bill and a valid driver's license can establish residency. The following items are available, free of charge, to any Pasco water customer:

  • Efficiency Maximizing Showerheads-Adjustable spray and pressure and responsive flow control.
  • Toilet Tank Banks-Saves nearly 1 gallon of water every time you flush.
  • Spray Swivel Aerators for kitchen sinks-Maximize spray and save energy.
  • Leak Detection Tablets-Help pinpoint leaks in toilet tanks.
  • Faucet Aerators-Control flow to maximize efficiency.

The above items are in limited supply and can be picked up at: City Hall Customer Service Department at City Hall, 525 N. 3rd Avenue

Call 545-3488 (City Hall) for additional information.

*For water quality concerns or for more information on the WTP, please call 509-545-3469.

Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Program

In 2003, the Washington State Legislature passed the Municipal Water Supply – Efficiency Requirements Act, otherwise known as the Municipal Water Law. Under the rules, utilities are required to develop a WUE Program for approval of comprehensive water system plans and for issuance of water right permits. The water use efficiency rule requires water suppliers to:

  • Establish water saving goals through a public process
  • Install service meters within 10 years
  • Meet a distribution system leakage standard of 10 percent
  • Develop a WUE program
  • Evaluate or implement WUE measures to manage water use
  • Report annually, by July 1, on progress towards meeting goals and using water efficiently

The City is committed to ensuring its water resources are used efficiently to protect and preserve the community's high quality of life for current residents and generations to come. In keeping with this commitment, the City employs a comprehensive approach to water use efficiency that combines water system design, engineering, and operations with community education and outreach. The City's WUE Program activities affect thousands of its water utility customers annually. The program engages incentives that encourage wise water use and utilizes technologies and processes associated with City activities to improve water savings.

For more information, please see these documents on the City's WUE program or call (509) 545-3444.