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Animal Licensing

Animal licensing is required in the City of Pasco for all dogs; cats are optional. We are a pet friendly city and pet licensing is for the well being of the pets to help ensure that if a pet becomes lost it can be returned to its home. Without a license, a lost pet would be impounded and potentially adopted or euthanized.

Bids & RFPs

View current bid opportunities posted by the City of Pasco.

Boards & Commissions

Want to have input into the community? Become a volunteer and serve on one of the City's advisory Boards or Commissions.

Business Licenses

A business license and City of Pasco endorsement are required to operate a business within the City of Pasco. 

Building Permits 

Permits are required on most construction projects throughout the City of Pasco to ensure quality, safety and building code standards are met.

Down Payment Assistance

The Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) Down Payment Assistance Program provides a silent second loan in the form of down payment assistance and eligible closing costs. The City will provide financing up to a $10,000, which enables a low to moderate income person(s) or family to purchase a vacant or owner occupied home for sale within the Pasco city limits.


Apply for career opportunities with the City of Pasco.

Planning Applications

Planning applications are to ensure city development activity follows the City's Comprehensive Plan, as well as the Subdivision Ordinance, and Zoning Ordinance of the Municipal Code.

Volunteer Opportunities

Extend the reach and scope of public services at a minimal cost. Build public awareness of the operation of government. Develop closer ties to the community served. Create innovative and non-traditional volunteer experiences that offer challenge, personal growth, and social interaction. Create a volunteer pool that is broadly representative of all segments of the community. Strive for flexibility in scheduling that makes volunteering more accessible.