Privacy Policy/Copyright

The City of Pasco collects no personal information about people who visit our website. However, we collect and store certain information automatically.

When people visit the City of Pasco website to browse, read pages, and download information, the following information is automatically collected and stored:

  • The Internet domain (in other words, "" or "") and IP address of the visiting computer
  • General information about the date and time the site is visited
  • The files requested and pages visited; and
  • The referral website (where people come from to get to our site).

The City of Pasco uses this information to determine how effective our site is, ways that we can improve, how people find our site, and what pages people are most interested in.

If people send us an email, or voluntarily submit contact information via this website, this information may be forwarded to another agency, if this will better serve the needs of the sender. Please be aware that contact information sent to the City may be subject to public disclosure.

The City of Pasco website contains links to other sites not controlled by the City. These sites may have different privacy policies.

Social Media

City of Pasco Facebook Page Comment Policy: The purpose of the City's Facebook pages is to present news and updates of public interest from the City of Pasco to its residents, businesses, and visitors. We will accept your online questions, comments, and concerns, but please note the City's Facebook pages are moderated online discussion sites and *not* public forums. Once posted, the City reserves the right to hide submissions that contain vulgar language, personal attacks of any kind, or offensive comments that disparage any ethnic, racial, or religious group. Further, the City also reserves the right to hide comments that are spam, include links to other sites, commercial in nature, clearly off-topic, advocate illegal activity, promote particular services, products, political candidates, issues, or organizations, infringe on copyrights and/or trademarks, or are outdated. Please note that user comments expressed on the City's Facebook pages do not reflect the opinions and position of the City of Pasco government, its elected officials, or employees. 

If you have any more questions about these policies, please contact Communications Services at (509) 545-3485.

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