Message from the Fire Chief

A Word From the Chief

Thank you for your interest in the Pasco Fire Department. We invite you to reach out to us with any queries. We are privileged to serve the residents and visitors of Pasco, offering vital emergency services and crucial educational resources. We appreciate your faith in us, and we're committed to meeting our responsibilities with integrity and dedication at every incident, every day.

Founded on July 16, 1908, following a series of destructive fires, the Pasco Fire Department has evolved significantly over the years. Our role has expanded beyond initial fire containment to encompass a wide range of emergency services necessary in today's world. As a key component of a flourishing community, we tackle challenges head-on and strive to meet your requirements within the City's financial limits. The combined efforts of our team and our vigilant citizens have made Pasco a safer, more prosperous community.

Our department is an all-hazards organization, providing a broad array of emergency services. These include structural and wildland fire response, advanced life support medical services, technical rescue operations, hazardous materials handling, and aircraft rescue and firefighting services. We respond to over 5500 service calls annually, with a goal of being on the scene within 6 minutes of an alarm notification.

We pride ourselves on being active contributors to the community, forging beneficial partnerships with various local organizations. These include the Pasco Police Department, Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Franklin County Emergency Management, Franklin County Public Utilities District, Pasco School District, and Cascade Natural Gas Company. Our Community Risk Reduction program actively engages with other community groups and social networks to broaden our outreach.

Constantly seeking to enhance our services, increase efficiency, and ensure the safety of both the community and our firefighters, we remain focused on optimal use of resources and opportunities. We've embarked on cooperative endeavors with neighboring fire agencies to achieve cost savings and enhance efficiency. We are steadfast in our commitment to collaboration as a means to fiscal responsibility, employee safety, and superior community service. We believe in our ability to better our services and remain unwaveringly devoted to community safety, firefighter safety, and responsible financial management.

Honoring our history, safeguarding the present, and guiding the future - this is the essence of the Pasco Fire Department.