Animal Violations

Animal related code violations include loose animals, unlicensed dogs, continuously barking dogs and farm animals kept on unpermitted residential properties, just to name a few. Most animal related complaints are handled by a code enforcement officer. However, some complaints (such as loose animals) are handled by Animal Control.

Loose Animals & Unlicensed Dogs

Loose animals, also called "at large animals," should be reported to Animal Control. You can report at large animals online, but you will receive a more immediate response by calling Animal Control directly at 509-545-3740.

All dogs in the City of Pasco over 7 months of age are required to be licensed per Pasco Municipal Code 6.05.180. Licenses must be obtained within 30 days of acquiring the dog or establishing residence within the City.

Continuously Barking Dogs

Dogs that create a habitual disturbance or annoyance by continuously howling, yelping, barking or creating other noises that can be heard inside an enclosed structure off the dog owner's property for 5 minutes or more are prohibited by Pasco Municipal Code 6.05.350. To report a continuously barking dog, please complete and submit a Barking Dog Complaint Form (PDF). A complaint form must be received before a barking dog complaint can be investigated.

Farm Animals

Farm animals such as chickens, roosters, goats, horses, llamas, cows, etc. are only permitted in the city's R-S-20, R-S-12 and R-S-1 zones which are known as the "suburban districts." However, these zones still require the property owner to have a minimum lot size to have farm animals. Farm animals are not permitted in all other zones per Title 25 of the Pasco Municipal Code.

You can check the zoning of a property using our online database (the zoning map may take several minutes to load depending on your internet connection speed).

For more information regarding zoning and lot size, please contact the Planning Division at (509) 545-3441.