Business License Violations

Businesses are regulated by Pasco Municipal Code Title 5. A City of Pasco business license is required for conducting business within city limits. This license is often needed in addition to other licenses required by the State of Washington. Common violations of the business license provisions include soliciting, operating a business or renting residential property without a license and failing to renew a business license.

Required Licenses

A business license is required for all activities, occupations, trades, pursuits or professions located and/or engaged in within the City of Pasco with the object of gain, benefit, or advantage, directly or indirectly, per Pasco Municipal Code 5.04.020.

Pasco Municipal Code 5.78.010 requires that all residential rental properties in the city be licensed. This requirement extends to all properties that are made available for rent, lease or let the the public and includes single family dwellings in addition to multifamily complexes. For more information, you may want to visit our Residential Rental Program page.

License Renewals

All business licenses, including residential rental licenses, are required to be renewed annually no later than the last regular business day of February of each year per Pasco Municipal Code 5.04.180. However, every attempt should be made to renew the business license no later than the first regular business day each January. If you receive a renewal notice and are out of business, please contact the City Clerk to update your license status. You are encouraged to update your license account any time there is a change of status or contact information.

Failure to renew a business license on time results in a late fee. Delinquent renewals are given to code enforcement for review and enforcement which may result in the Code Enforcement Board assessing additional penalties.