Housing Code Violations

The City of Pasco's Residential Rental Program requires that all rental properties in the city be licensed yearly and inspected every 2 years as outlined in Chapter 5.60 of the Pasco Municipal Code.

Examples of housing code violations include:

  • Leaks from the ceiling or other ceiling/wall damage exposing the occupants to outside weather
  • Bedrooms without windows or windows that will not open easily
  • Bedrooms/sleeping rooms without smoke alarms
  • Exposed/faulty electrical wiring, plumbing problems or lack of adequate heating for the residence
  • Properties with infested with cockroaches and/or rodents

Please see the city's Rental Inspection Form (PDF) for a list of some of the areas inspected during a typical rental inspection. If you believe the property you are renting does not meet the minimum requirements, you can submit a complaint.