Building & Zoning Violations

Building Violations

A Building Permit & Inspection Services Division at the time the construction is taking place, especially if the work has been properly permitted. For complaints regarding active construction without a building permit, 1 of the city's building inspectors will generally respond and post a notice at the property ordering the property owner and all contractors to discontinue work until a permit has been issued.

If the construction is not permitted and is also not reported until after it is completed, a code enforcement officer will generally be responsible for initiating an investigation and proceeding with enforcement of the city's adopted building codes. In some instances, unpermitted work may be required to be completely removed if the work cannot be permitted. If you are unsure if a project requires a building permit, please contact the Building Permit & Inspection Services Division for assistance.

Zoning Violations

Many of the most common zoning violations are determined by your property's zoning district. If you're unsure which zoning district you're in, you can find your property and its district or search for your zoning information located under the "Land Use" tab on our online database.

Common violations include:

  • Unfinished landscaping
  • Vegetation obstructing vision at intersections
  • Parking on unimproved surfaces such as dirt or grass
  • Unpermitted property uses

You can find out more about the regulations for your zoning district by viewing Planning Division.