City Council 2022-2023 Goals

Every two years, the City Council establishes specific goals designed to guide the work of the City. Following community forums, community surveys, and ongoing formal and informal input from the public and governmental partners, the Council held a goal-setting retreat in March 2022. The goals are:


Promote a high-quality of life through quality programs, services and appropriate investment and re- investment in community infrastructure including, but not limited to:

  • Completion of Transportation System Master Plan and design standard updates to promote greater neighborhood cohesion in new and re-developed neighborhoods through design elements, e.g.; connectivity, walkability, aesthetics, sustainability, and community gathering spaces.
  • Completion of the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan and development of an implementation strategy to enhance such services equitably across the community.
  • Completion of the Housing Action and Implementation Plan with a focus on a variety of housing to address the needs of the growing population.


Enhance the long-term viability, value, and service levels of services and programs, including, but not limited to:

  • Adopting policies and strategic investment standards to assure consistency of long-range planning to include update of impact fees, area fees to specific infrastructure, and SEPA mitigation measures related to new development, e.g.; schools, traffic, parks, and fire. 


Promote a highly functional multi-modal transportation system including, but not limited to:

  • Application of the adopted Transportation System Master Plan including development of policies, regulations, programs, and projects that provide for greater connectivity, strategic investment, mobility, multi-modal systems, accessibility, efficiency, and safety. 


Promote proactive approaches for the strategic investment of infrastructure, staffing, and equipment including, but not limited to:

  • Adoption and develop implementation strategies for the Comprehensive Fire Master Plan aimed at maintaining the current Washington State Rating Bureau Class 3 community rating.
  • Collaboration with regional partners to influence strategies to reduce incidences of homeless by leveraging existing resources such as the newly implemented 0.1% mental health sales tax, use of resource navigator programs, and other efforts.
  • Development of an implementation strategy for the Comprehensive Police Master Plan to support future service levels of the department to assure sustainability, public safety, officer safety, crime control, and compliance with legislative mandates.


Promote and encourage economic vitality including, but not limited to:

  • Implementation of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan through related actions including zoning code changes, phased sign code update, and development regulations and standards.
  • Completion of Area Master Plans and environmental analysis complementing the Comprehensive Land Use Plan such as Downtown and Broadmoor Master Plans.
  • Development of an Economic Development Plan, including revitalization efforts.


Identify opportunities to enhance community identity, cohesion, and image including, but not limited to:

  • Development of a Community Engagement Plan to evaluate strategies, technologies, and other opportunities to further inclusivity, community engagement, and inter-agency and constituent coordination efforts.
  • Support of the Arts and Culture Commission in promoting unity and the celebration of diversity through art and culture programs, recognition of significant events or occurrences, and participation/sponsorship of events within the community.

For more information about the Council's goals, contact the City Manager's Office at (509) 545-3404.