City Council Legislative Priorities

The following are the Pasco City Council's 2021 Washington State Legislative Priorities, as passed by the City Council in November 2020:

  • MARTIN LUTHER KING JR COMMUNITY CENTER: Pasco requests $4 million to renovate MLK Community Center located in East Pasco. Built in 1976, this former school district facility was repurposed as a community center in 1990. The facility lacks ADA accessibility and functionality (physical and technological) as a community center and no longer meets the needs of a diverse and underserved community. Proposed improvements include renovation of the gymnasium, demolition of the classrooms and replacement with a new Center building integrated with the gymnasium. 
  • PROCESS WATER REUSE FACILITY: The City is in the process of identifying improvements to the Pasco Process Water Reuse Facility that supports a growing agriculture processing cluster, regional farmers, and approximately 2,000 industry jobs. The City requests $200,000 to conduct and complete value planning with local food processors and other stakeholders to identify innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for improvements that maximize value.  
  • PORT OF PASCO REIMANN INDUSTRIAL CENTER: The Port of Pasco has acquired a 300-acre parcel located between Highway 395 and Railroad Avenue one mile north of Pasco for development as a new industrial center to accommodate current and future demand. The City supports the Port of Pasco’s request for $3.5 million to fund the extension of utilities, roads, and other key infrastructure needed to develop the area. 
  • SR 395/OREGON AVENUE OVERLAY: The City requests $3 million to overlay SR 395/Oregon Avenue. WSDOT initially delayed this preservation project until other City improvements to the street were completed. Now that the City improvements are done, WSDOT has delayed their work indefinitely as part of a new department policy to no longer perform maintenance on state highways with a speed limit less than 45 mph.  
  • SR 395/SYLVESTER BIKE/PEDESTRIAN CROSSING: The City requests $4 million for a multimodal crossing over SR 395 at Sylvester Street. No bicycle/pedestrian crossing exists at this location to connect the low-income neighborhoods on the west side of SR 395 to commercial businesses and essential services to the east.  
  • SR 12 SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS: The two at-grade crossings at SR 12 ("A" Street and Tank Farm Road) present immediate access safety concerns for residents and businesses. The City requests funding to identify solutions to address these safety concerns.  
  • MENTAL HEALTH FUNDING: The Pasco community is experiencing increased homelessness, rising crime rates, and other public safety and health concerns. As such, the City requests increased funding for mental health services, including, but not limited to, additional local option tools to best meet the community’s needs.

For more information, contact or call the City's Manager's office at (509) 545-3404.