Sylvester Neighborhood Plan

Well-functioning residential neighborhoods contain uniform and predictable sidewalk surfaces without abrupt changes. Sidewalk surfaces should be flat and even without large cracks, uplift or sinkholes.

Unfortunately, the Sylvester's Addition neighborhood contains a high concentration of sidewalk damage from trees, vehicles and unauthorized repairs. Repairs to damaged sidewalks can be expensive and involve the use of heavy machinery. Sidewalk repairs are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner, but can often be expensive and inefficient if done in a piecemeal fashion. If the sidewalk damage in residential areas persists or increases it may lead to an increase in civil lawsuits at a significant cost to both property owners and the City.

The City has begun planning efforts to identify specific locations where repairs are needed. Part of effective planning includes public involvement to help guide the project to better meet the needs of the affected residents.


Meetings Held:

February 20, 2013 Pasco, Senior Center
April 17, 2013, Pasco Senior Center

Proposed Alternatives:

Alternative 1 (PDF)
Alternative 2 (PDF)
Alternative 3 (PDF)

Sylvester's Addition Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (PDF)