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From the City's Demographer's Draft Recommended Districting Plan:

"This memorandum documents relevant technical features of the Recommended City Council Redistricting Plan (“the Redistricting Plan”) for the City of Pasco, Washington(“City”). These features are the basis for my recommendation to adopt the Redistricting Plan as a “least change” six-district election plan, based upon newly issued 2020 decennial Census data and in accordance with Washington State and federal standards. Relevant considerations that guided this necessary rebalancing and Council Members’ further suggested refinements to bring the City’s current plan into compliance with applicable legal standards are summarized below. This Redistricting Plan rebalances each district’s total population, strengthening Hispanics’ share of eligible voters in District 2, and maintains adherence to traditional districting criteria. Additionally, the Redistricting Plan avoids any dilution of Hispanics’ voting strength in compliance with state and federal requirements."

Draft 2022 City Council District Map 

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As part of the City's federal consent decree changing the way City Council members were elected to comply with the federal Voting Rights Act (VRA) (full background here), the U.S. Decennial (10-year) Census is the standard that Council Districts are to be drawn. 

Delayed by the impacts of the COVID pandemic, the 2020 U.S. Decennial Census was completed in August of 2021, rather than April, and the subsequent release to the Washington State Office of Financial Management, which in turn, provided that information to the States, Counties, and Municipalities was further delayed. Completion of the U.S. Census and release of the information triggers the need for the City to review its City Council Districts to ensure compliance with the federal and recently adopted state Voter Rights Acts (VRA). 

Since given the Census information, and per City Council direction, City staff has been working with specialized legal and demographic professionals to review and update City Council District boundaries to account for changes in:

  • City Boundaries
  • Total Population
  • Voter Population
  • Other pertinent demographic factors that have occurred between 2010 and 2020. 

The City hired the services of Floyd, Pflueger & Ringer, P.S., as well as Dr. Peter Morrison (who developed the current Council Voting Districts in 2017) and assisted the City in updating the Council Districts. 

City Staff has briefed the Council on the progress and development of the Redistricting Plan as information was received from the consultants and believes the draft plan meets the criteria required per RCW 29A.76.010(4) and the Federal VRA:

  1. Each internal director, council, or commissioner district shall be as nearly equal in population as possible to each and every other such district comprising the municipal corporation, county, or special purpose district. 
  2. Each district shall be as compact as possible. 
  3. Each district shall consist of a geographically contiguous area. 
  4. Population data may not be used for purposes of favoring or disfavoring any racial group or political party. 
  5. To the extent feasible and if not inconsistent with the basic enabling legislation for the municipal corporation, county, or district, the district boundaries shall coincide with existing recognized natural boundaries and shall, to the extent possible, preserve existing communities of related and mutual interest. 

Public Comments

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