Community Risk Reduction Program

W_Smoke_alarms_embedded_prod_affiliate_13Traditionally, the focus of risk assessment was the identification of fire hazards and planning an appropriate response force to mitigate the emergency. Today, the risk assessment goes well beyond the fire problem and includes medical and other emergencies. Community risk begins with the identification of the hazards present within the community and the understanding that the risk of fire, medical, or other emergencies cannot be held to zero. The community risk level is typically established through an overall profile of the community based on the unique mixtures of demographics, socioeconomic factors, occupancy risk, fire management zones, etc and the overall level of services provided.

The objective of this program is to clearly define the risk profile for the City of Pasco and to identify a plan of action that will reduce the identified risks to an acceptable level while factoring the maximum savings of life and property that is fiscally and morally responsible. The program goal is to create a safer community for anyone who lives in, works in, or travels through our community.