Technical Rescue


Mission Statement

The Pasco Fire Department will provide the following level of technical rescue services to incidents within the City of Pasco city limits and/or within existing auto/mutual aid boundaries as defined by NFPA 1006-Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications, 2008 edition.

  • Vehicle and Machinery
  • Confined Space
  • High and Low Angle Rope
  • Trench
  • Structural Collapse
  • Water
  • Mine and Tunnel
  • Wilderness

Technical Rescue Program Goals

Develop a focused preparedness and response program for technical rescue incidents. Ideally, the program would spend 50% of its time in preparedness activities such as safety education, public speaking engagements promoting the organization, and continuing education, and 50% of its time in collaborative activities and training with other response organizations.

The qualified technical rescue personnel will respond to emergencies within the auto/mutual aid response areas of the greater Tri-Cities. The anticipated emergency environments within this area may include, but not be limited to, primarily transportation/industrial and water related incidents that will require specialized skill sets in order to mitigate the emergent situations.

Incident complexities will vary from low complexity – single resource (Type 5) to high complexity-multiple resources (Type 1) according to the resource and logistical needs of the environment. Incident duration may range from minutes to weeks.

Specialized Equipment

The Pasco Fire Department recognizes that technical rescue may require the use of specialized equipment and personal protection.